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Texas Department of Housing & Community Affairs - Building Homes and Strengthening Communities

Multifamily Preservation Clearinghouse


The Multifamily Preservation Clearinghouse is designed to facilitate the preservation of existing affordable and subsidized multifamily rental properties in the State of Texas. It provides multifamily property owners a format to market their properties to prospective buyers interested in maintaining the affordability of a property. Likewise, it provides nonprofit and for-profit buyers, financial institutions, and other organizations a means of identifying and contacting the various parties necessary for an affordable housing transaction. Existing multifamily properties that are not currently subsidized, but could potentially be financed with an affordable component, are also welcome here. Property owners may also use this site to provide notices of federal opt-outs or prepayments to TDHCA as required under Sections 2306.185(f) and 2306.851 of the Texas Government Code as amended.

How To Use this Web Site

  1. Users submit postings so that TDHCA staff can approve them and place the information on the site. All submissions are subject to the review and approval of TDHCA staff.
  2. Postings remain on the site for a minimum 180 days.
  3. Contacts and inquiries should be made directly with the organizations that are listed in the postings, and not through TDHCA. TDHCA does not retain other information about the postings with the exception of properties offered for sale through the qualified contract process.

View and Submit Multifamily Preservation Listings


The Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs ("TDHCA") has agreed to receive and place information about multifamily rental properties in Texas on this Web site in order to facilitate the process of finding such information. TDHCA specifically assumes no responsibility for the information it receives for placement on this site. TDHCA does not edit, control, or attest to the accuracy or completeness of any of the information placed on the site by users of the site. Additionally, TDHCA does not endorse any of the information contained in the site. TDHCA reserves the right to reject any information provided by a user that is, in the sole discretion of TDHCA, not relevant to the site, contains offensive language, or is otherwise inappropriate. Property owners who use this site to provide notices of opt-outs or prepayments to TDHCA as required under Sections 2306.185(f) and 2306.851 of the Texas Government Code as amended ("the Code"), should consult with their legal counsel to ensure that all applicable requirements of the Code have been met.