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Property # 231 - Carver Townhomes - 800 Mesquite St, Abilene
Property Name: Carver Townhomes Type: RFR Added: 10/17/2019
Price: $350,293 Minimum Purchase Price Units: 18 Nonprofit: Y
Size: 2.06 acres (scattered sites)
Address: Carver Townhomes - 800 Mesquite St
City: Abilene County: TAYLOR Zip: 79601
Current Debt Type: Residual Receipt Notes Debt Assumable: N
Forms of Current Subsidy: N/A
Term of Subsidy: N/A
Description: Carver Townhomes is being offered for sale under Right of First Refusal. The offer price is the Minimum Purchase Price. The two-year ROFR expires 10/18/2021 at 5:00pm, Central Time.
Legal Description: See additional resources below.
Additional Resources:
Seller Contact Information: Stephanie Dugan
National Development Council
1 Battery Prk Plz 710
New York, NY 10004
TDHCA Contact Information: Rosalio Banuelos